Why Zoomba?

Still wondering if Zoomba is the right product for you?

There seem to be many options for drying clothes - free standing dryers, clothes lines, tumble dryers,

What makes Zoomba different from these products?

quality of execution.

Zoomba is made from the highest quality materials. Its body is made of galvanized steel, the bars are covered with a layer of anodized aluminum. The housing is additionally painted and protected against corrosion. Four steel cables make the grate stable. It can be subjected to heavy loads. The Zoomba dryer is not a plastic product! The dryer motor is protected against overheating and the mechanism works quietly. Power consumption is also low.

User friendliness.

Thanks to the functional lowering of the grate to a height of 2 m with a radio remote control, hanging up the laundry does not become tiring. You can stop the grate individually at the appropriate height. It's a great solution, especially for the elderly or those with limited mobility. The Zoomba takes up little space and offers a disproportionate number of advantages – with the raised grate, its height is only 20 cm. At Zoomba you can hang clothes directly on the rails or put them on hangers. Not everyone has free space, but you can use the ceiling or wall as an extra.

comfort and convenience.

Have you ever tripped over a freestanding dryer or broken a hand dryer pole? The Zoomba dryer can be loaded with up to 20 kg of laundry. Carrying such a load can be problematic and even dangerous if the ropes slip out of our hands. Therefore we have developed an automatic mechanism - comfortable and safe.


Zoomba has built-in sensors. So if it hits an obstacle, it will stop automatically. Drying laundry at the top offers more space and increases the safety of the residents of the house. Especially the youngest as they have limited access to the dryer. This system is designed for your comfort and the safety of your loved ones.

Minimalist design.

Zoomba has a regular shape and is symmetrical. Its minimalist design harmonises perfectly with various arrangements. The timeless white of the dryer with silver accents makes the Zoomba not only functional, but also looks classy.

Easy construction.

Mounting Zoomba is quick and easy - it can be mounted to a concrete ceiling or wall. It can also be installed outside the building under a roof.

Why Zoomba?

Zoomba won't damage or wrinkle your clothes, doesn't consume much power, doesn't make noise, doesn't take up free space, doesn't require any force to operate, its poles and ropes are designed to support a heavy weight so they won't break or collapse deform. Zoomba is a product for demanding customers for whom functionality and comfort, and above all safety, are undeniable priorities.