Step by step assembly

The box contains:

  • Zoomba (main body and grate)
  • Template version A and B
  • 2 types of brackets - for wall and ceiling mounting
  • Screws M8/80 - 8 pcs (for attaching handles)
  • Screw caps - 8 pcs.
  • Pan-head screws M8/20 - 4 pcs. (to fix the dryer in the holders)
  • Washers - 12 pcs.
  • End caps - 4 pcs. (for the grate, after attaching the ropes)
  • double-sided tape (for sticking on the corresponding side of the template)
  • remote control
  • Remote control holder (2 screws and 2 setscrews)

You need the following tools to assemble the Zoomba:

  • Spirit level (attachment of the same spirit level to the brackets - for wall mounting)
  • Dimension (measurement of the distance of the handles from the wall)
  • Drill (M8/80 screw hole drilling), drill ø 12.0
  • Wrench 13 (for screwing in M8/80 screws)
  • Allen key 5 (to attach the dryer to the brackets with M8/20 pan head screws)
  • Director


  1. To mount the Zoomba dryer, depending on whether you want to place it on the ceiling or on the wall, you must use the right side of the template that you will find in the box together with the assembly instructions (A - ceiling template, B - wall template). find, place on the wall/ceiling.
  2. Glue the template with double-sided tape.
  3. Drill holes according to the diagram provided on the template. Insert the expansion sleeves, add the washers for the M8/80 bolts and tighten the bolts with a size 13 wrench. Attach the handles and put end caps on the screws.
  4. With the handles in place, insert the Zoomba dryer and tighten the M8/20 screws with a #5 Allen key.
  5. Hang the grate on the steel cables and cover the holes.
  6. Attach the holder to the location of your choice where you want to place the remote control to operate the dryer.
  7. Once the grate is attached to the dryer, connect it to the power supply*.

*For safety reasons, the mains connection should be made by a qualified person.

Complete. Zoomba® will deal with the rest