Zoomba - a dryer that will take care of your comfort

Zoomba - der Trockner, der sich um Ihren Komfort kümmert

Laundry suspended from the ceiling

We know how many problems can be caused by an ordinary, everyday activity, which is doing laundry. Even more so if your apartment is small and what matters to you is the maximum use of free space in a functional way. Zoomba is an automatic laundry dryer, which, thanks to the fact that it is hung on the wall or ceiling, not only does not take up valuable space, but also uses space in a useful way. The laundry dries hanging up - thanks to this discreet location, it ceases to be an unsightly element of the room. If you own a laundry, Zoomba is perfect for you for the same reason.

Free space under the dryer

You can freely arrange the free space under the dryer. For example, you can leave the dryer  above the washing machine, thanks to which you will be able to hang them immediately after washing your clothes. Often, Zoomba is also suspended above the bathtub. It is also a great solution for people who have small bathrooms and a problem with the right place to dry the laundry. You can actually hang Zoomba anywhere - above the stairs, in the corridor, as well as on the balcony under the roof. The dryer is resistant to low and high temperatures - you don't have to worry that installing it outside the building will negatively affect its operation.

Quality guarantee and comfort of use

Thanks to the automatic raising and lowering mechanism, Zoomba is an innovation among typical ceiling and wall dryers. Thanks to stainless, very durable links, a steel body protected against moisture, anodized rods, the optimal distribution of which ensures the convenience of hanging both larger and smaller things, Zoomba provides comfort of use. You don't have to worry that the crossbars will rust over time and stain your clothes or become deformed. On Zoomba you can hang 20 kg of laundry, i.e. 3.6-7 kg washing machine loads. The dryer is operated with a wireless remote control, which is placed in a magnetic holder. Thanks to this, it is always in one place, and you do not have to wonder where you put it.

Zoomba cares about security

It is also worth looking at a very important aspect, which is security. If you have small children and there is no separate place for drying laundry in your apartment, Zoomba is a great solution. You don't have to worry about the set up freestanding dryer being knocked over by playing toddlers. The laundry will hang up, thanks to which children will gain more space for carefree frolic. Zoomba also has a safety mechanism that causes the lowering dryer to stop when it encounters an obstacle. The grate is lowered slowly and the dryer is stable - it does not wobble in all directions.

A dryer that fits your interior

Zoomba is a modern device that will perfectly match many arrangements. Thanks to its minimalist design, neutral white and symmetrical construction, it successfully fits in various decors. Zoomba is a clothes dryer that you will appreciate for its ease of use, high quality and comfort of use.