About Us

Our point of view

Zoomba Eco Minimalism and functionality - these assumptions give direction to our actions. If we can do without something, then we definitely do without it. We are convinced of the reliability of simple mechanisms.

Because less is better.

Less plastic, less paper, less wearing materials. The dryer is made of the highest quality materials so that it can do its job for years.

What is important to us?

Zoomba-ekologia Producing devices and planning space effectively for years.

Sustainable development is important to us. Environment, its protection and its future. We emphasize it in our logo. Therefore, our dryers have low power consumption, the laundry dries naturally.
And that protects fabrics and your clothes.

Zoomba is not just another bulky device. We mount it on a non-vacant ceiling to give you more space.


zoomba minimal design

We love minimalism and simple solutions. Our dryers have no lights, fans or heating elements. It is our conscious choice.

Natural methods of drying clothes are the
best for a longer durability of fabrics. We don't want our dryers to be gadgets, we want them to be functional.

We save energy

Funkcjonalność Fans or air vents do not significantly reduce drying time, but increase power consumption and disrupt air circulation. They distribute the moisture and promote the development of germs. Our dryers do not have diodes, because their job is not to illuminate the laundry, but to create space. Germicidal lamps? Washing kills most bacteria.
Zoomba is energy efficient and we want that too.


Jakoscwykonania Functionality means that something does its job well. So it works as intended.
We want to create space and make everyday life easier. That is why our dryers have an automatic lifting and lowering system. It's practical and effective because you don't fight with the lines and you don't clutter up the space you need.
For us, functionality is closely linked to quality.

What sets us apart?

minimalism production quality.

Zoomba is made from galvanized steel and powder coated. We don't use cords, but stainless steel lines that don't tear.

The bars are covered with anodized aluminum that protects them from rust. The dryer holds up to 20 kg and offers 12-15 m to hang laundry.

Zoomba is intuitive and hassle-free. With the remote control you can lower the bars and raise the laundry effortlessly.

5-year warranty and post-warranty service

Zoomba 5 year warranty

You are a conscious customer and we are a conscious company. A 5-year guarantee commits to
We offer 60 months warranty. Simply that way. Because we know it's a great product.
After the warranty period, we offer a post-warranty service so that you can use the dryer for years to come
to be able to use. Environmental protection is important to us, we do not produce electronic waste. A conscious consumer repairs, not throws away.

Are we reliable?

They say you can't have everything.

The task of our dryer is not to shorten the drying time or to provide additional room lighting. When designing our product, we made important decisions and made many compromises.

And so we stayed true to our assumptions - minimalism and functionality.

We are a company that believes in the rightness of its decisions and can argue them.

Do we fit together?

We don't like coincidences - we paid close attention to the colors of the dryer. We have chosen white, which relates to the need for space, and gray, which expresses the need for balance.

If you're not a fan of one-off solutions, you care about things working the way they're supposed to, you value convenience while caring about the environment, then Zoomba connects us.

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