Zoomba - about the natural process of drying laundry

Zoomba - über den natürlichen Prozess des Wäschetrocknens

Does the method of drying the laundry matter?

Although doing laundry is a routine activity, it is worth focusing on this topic. Why? The way we dry the laundry affects, for example, how long our clothes will serve us. If we like our clothes and have environmental issues in mind, we should dry the laundry, avoiding basic mistakes that can significantly extend the drying process itself and additionally negatively affect our fabrics.

What to do to make the laundry dry faster?

This question is probably asked by everyone who deals with laundry! Laundry that is to be hung on the dryer should be well spun - it must not drip with water. Its excess can significantly extend the drying time, and will also increase the level of moisture if we dry the laundry indoors. A good practice is to put a dry towel in the washing machine during the second spin - it will absorb excess water. If the weather conditions allow it, it is best to slightly open the window or create a micro-gap so that the steaming water can escape.

How to hang laundry on the dryer?

It is important how you hang the laundry on the dryer itself. Before hanging, the laundry should be "shaped" and, if possible, smoothed out. If it is very creased when you take it out of the washing machine, you are probably washing too many clothes at once. It is optimal to fill about ¾ of the size of the drum while maintaining the appropriate permissible weight of laundry - it is worth paying attention to this. When hanging laundry, keep even spacing between fabrics and make sure there is space between clothes. Thanks to this, you will not "block" the air flow. Remember that shirts are best hung on a hanger - thanks to this you will not waste so much time and effort on ironing.

In winter, does it make sense to hang laundry outside?

While hanging the laundry outside in the summer is obvious, hanging the laundry in the winter is controversial. right? If it is not raining outside, but it is frosty, you can decide to hang the laundry outside, because the cold air has a good effect on the evaporation of water from the fabrics. After some time, you can hang the laundry indoors to eliminate the stiffness caused by the cold. The laundry will be dried at home. Remember to ventilate the room after drying. Thanks to this, you will prevent the accumulation of moisture and remove residual fumes from detergents used during washing.

How will Zoomba help me dry my laundry?

If you are a supporter of natural drying of clothes, Zoomba is the perfect dryer for you. Thanks to solid rods with the right spacing, you can easily hang larger and smaller clothes and maintain proper air flow. You can also hang hangers on Zoomba, so shirts or blouses will not be deformed by the buckles. This is also important when drying e.g. sweaters - it is not recommended to hang them with clothespins, as this may stretch the clothes. On the Zoomby rods, you can easily spread a woolen sweater horizontally, too.