Small bathroom, apartment, apartment - Zoomba 107 discreet clothes dryer

Kleines Bad, flach, lokal - Zoomba 107 diskreter Wäschetrockner

Small bathroom dryer

Are you looking for a small dryer that you can hang on the wall or ceiling? A dryer that won't take up space on the floor or be another bulky piece of equipment in your small bathroom? If you have 107 cm of free space on the wall or ceiling, then you might like the Zoomba 107 - an automatic ceiling dryer that is controlled by a remote control. Thanks to the fact that the laundry hangs up, you gain free space and the laundry disappears from your eye level. Hung up, it dries, and you don't have to block a small bathroom with a free-standing dryer.


Dryer for small rooms, studios

Planning a small space is quite a challenge, and everyone does the laundry, and everyone needs a place to dry it! If your apartment is small, it may be difficult for you to find a suitable place to dry your laundry. It's best to make use of unused space. Thanks to such well-thought-out decisions, you will solve the problem of the right place to dry the laundry, and the aesthetics of your small apartment will not suffer.   Although the duty of drying the laundry is as obvious as walking in clean clothes, it does not change the fact that the dryer with socks placed in the living room is not a visually attractive ornament.

Zoomba comes to the rescue

Zoomba is not only an automatic wall and ceiling dryer that is operated with a remote control. First of all, it saves space, which is often lacking. The ceiling, also the wall, are often points whose potential is not fully used. Sometimes we lack a vision or an idea. If you look at this space in a functional way, you can successfully use it! We don't lack imagination, which is why we know that the ceiling and the wall are the perfect place to hide what we don't necessarily want to see, and we absolutely need clean clothes on a daily basis.

Small balcony dryer

We know how difficult it is to find the right place to dry your laundry. Especially when the size of the apartment is small. If it is impossible to mount the dryer on the wall or ceiling, and we also have a balcony, it is worth considering this solution. Zoomba mounted outside the building is a great option for people who want to make the most of the available space. Our automatic dryer can be mounted on a wall or ceiling outside the building, under a roof. Laundry hung in the open air dries faster and does not take up space at home. If you have a balcony and your apartment is small, it is worth considering installing Zoomby 107 in this place.

Home and under cover

Zoomba is an automatic dryer made of the highest quality materials. For its production, we use the best, because the most durable materials. We protect the equipment against the effects of water and moisture by anodizing the product. The anodization process strengthens the material itself, making it more resistant to corrosion. The mechanism of the dryer is also protected against the effects of low temperatures. You do not have to worry that the dryer will not respond to signals at the first frost. It is important to place the dryer in such a place that it is not exposed to direct water - but this is obvious in the use of any home appliance.