A dryer for seniors - a perfect gift

Trockner für Senioren - das perfekte Geschenk

New technologies - only for the young?

We know how much time routine, everyday duties take. Although we make them mechanically and for obvious reasons we do not focus on them, if we added up how much time they take us, it would probably turn out to be much more than we assume. Fortunately, our busyness and constant lack of time are met by new equipment that, designed in a thoughtful way, allows us to save time, energy or space.


If we have enough time, strength and space, there is also the valuable aspect of convenience to consider. While for young people most of the household chores are mainly time-wasters, for older people it can simply be problematic. It is worth considering this in the context of drying laundry.


Automatic wall and ceiling dryer

Zoomba is a dryer that fully adapts to the expectations of users. Thanks to the automatic mechanism and adjustment, the lowering grate can be stopped at the appropriate, optimal height. Thanks to this, you do not have to bend unnecessarily to hang the laundry, or raise your arms too high and hold them up, which is especially important for the elderly, who often have a limited range of motion for various health reasons or such positions cause them discomfort.


Laundry raises a safe mechanism

While young people do not lack strength, seniors should save their strength. Unfolding a free-standing dryer or holding several kilograms of laundry with nylon strings is neither comfortable nor safe. A moment of inattention and heavy laundry can fall off with a vengeance. This won't happen to Zoombie - 4 steel cables are set in motion by an automatic motor. Stopped at the right height, it will remain in place until it is restarted using the button on the remote control.


Tradition in a modern form

Zoomba is an innovative version that combines the best features of traditional dryers. It is a product made with care for all practical aspects. Without unnecessary gadgets, in simple aesthetics, classic edition, in the highest quality. The dryer is made of steel - it is not a plastic dryer that needs to be replaced or repaired after a few months of use, the costs of which exceed the purchase of a new one.


Zoomba is a product for my parent, grandpa, grandma?

The operation of the dryer is fabulously simple. The handy remote control has only 3 buttons - up - stop - down. This is not a dryer with a dozen functions that you end up not using often anyway. The remote control will not get lost - the set includes a handy holder that can be attached close to the dryer. What is important, the laundry hung on the Zoombie dries naturally, without affecting the structure of the fabrics. You can hang laundry on Zoomba directly on the rods or on hangers. Thanks to this, the laundry can already be "ironed" during drying, because proper distribution will facilitate subsequent alignment of fabrics. Optimal distances between the bars make it easier to hang the laundry, making even thicker sweaters or warm blankets easily fit on the dryer.

Zoomba is a dryer ideal for supporters of proven mechanisms in a modern form. So if your loved ones are supporters of traditional solutions, and you are a sympathizer of progress and innovation, Zoomba will definitely be a hit gift.